2020 Annual Meeting Minutes


November 16, 2020

 Present:  Richard Smith, Tony & Nancy Schuster, Jerry Sazama, Tom & Sue Kolb, Dan Smetana, John & Libby Stupak, Barbara Leetzow, Kate Lindsay, Marjorie Bunce, Diane Harp, Vicki Christianson, Sherry Jasper, Eric Tadt, Jane Schultz, Jim Deich, Dave Lundberg, Mike Rivers, Carrol Waldenberger, Norm Card, Mary Skalecki

 1.     Richard called the Chapter Annual Meeting via Zoom to order at 6:30 p.m. 

2.     Reports, Updates, and Discussion

a.     Minutes of Nov. 18, 2019 meeting were approved as presented.  Motion by Tony, second by Kate.

b.     Annual Meeting Reports

                                               i.     Report of 2020 Chapter Activities-Highlights included work by Vicki & Joanne in accomplishing the addition of Cornell as a Trail Community, and the Mammoth 40.  We also celebrated Richard Smith receiving the prestigious Spirit Stick award at our summer picnic. Motion by Nancy, second by Tony. Approved

                                             ii.     Report of 2020 Chapter Maintenance Activities

                                            iii.     Equipment Inventory

                                            iv.     2021 Trail Construction, Maintenance, & Stewardship- VP/Jerry Sazama summarized the above 3 reports.  A significant series of activities were conducted per the Covid 19 guidelines.  A tentative timeline of 2021 needs was included.  Jerry will check on guidelines for work in 2021.  Motion by Tony to approve, second Mike.  Approved

                                              v.     Yearly Financial Report- Motion made by Jerry, second by Dan to pay the $1043.84 cumulative 3-year expense submitted by Richard.  Approved.  Motion by Kate, second by Mike to raise the 2020 Budget to absorb the 3-year cost. Approved.  Yearly report accepted motion by Dan, second by Carrol. Approved

                                            vi.     2021 Trail Calendar-Proposed events are subject to cancellation or modification in keeping with current pandemic threat conditions.  Motion by Nancy, second by Jerry, approved.

3.     Old Business-None

4.     New Business

a.     2021 Annual Budget- Nancy’s report included discussion regarding acceptance of $500 chapter allocation.  Motion by Tony, second by Sue to accept as presented including the $500 allocation.  Nancy will finalize 2020 budget Dec. 31, 2020.

b.     Report of Nominating Committee & Election of Officers-Libby presented and Diane seconded and members approved the following slate of officers for 2021.  President Vicki Christianson, VP Tony Schuster, VP-Maintenance Jerry Sazama, Secretary Mary Skalecki, Treasurer Tom Kolb.  Sincere gratitude was expressed to Richard Smith for his many capable years of leading our chapter forward.  Thank you! 

c.     In the Mud award nominees- Cory & Tami Wiese and Vicki Christianson were presented, accepted and approved. 

5.     The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m

Submitted by Mary Skalecki, Chapter Secretary