2021 Trail Maintenance Report

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2021 Trail Maintenance:

1.  Regular Mowing, blazing and clearing.

2.  Kiosk constructed at the new Otter Lake parking area.  Also GPS marking of possible trail extensions to the Otter Lake Esker.

3.  Flagged the possible move of the current trail head at County Z.

4.  GPS the possible extension of the trail from the south side of County Z to the area of the Blue Bridge.

5.  Located and roughed in the trails to two DCA sites to the east of Firth Lake.

6.  Tread leveling to the east of Firth Lake.   Exposed roots had made mowing the area very difficult.

7.  Switch trail reroute from 250th heading south from blue (temporary) to yellow (permanent).

8.  Annual upkeep maintenance on the Firth Lake boardwalk.

9.  Corridor clearing to the northwest of Firth Lake crossing.

10.  New Leopold Bench on the northwest shore of Firth Lake. Removal of old Leopold bench.  Water crossing installed on spur trail to Firth Lake parking area.

11.  Flag and rough in to a proposed DCA site north of 245th.

12.  Straightening and stabilization of two boardwalks to the north of 245th.

13.  Further work on the trail and rock stairway on the east shore of Picnic Lake.

14.  Worked with local Girl Scouts and Camp Nawakwa to move the current Memory Trail and use the existing trail to Mt. Baldy incorporating the stone stairway constructed during the first Nawakwa MSC event.

15.  Remove more tent platforms from Camp Nawakwa and transport to Chapter garage.

16.  Annual update maintenance on Kendall bridge at Picnic Lake.

17.  Block off social trail from overlook west of Harwood Lakes.

18.  Remove underwater crossing from Horseshoe Lake.  Naturalize old trail and trail improvements to the east and to the west of 160th. 

19.  Sort and remove lumber from old Horseshoe Lake crossing.  Some to the Chapter garage and some to the County dumpsite.

20.  Further organize the Chapter garage and wood shelter.

21.  Work with Boy Scouts to create partial trail from just south of the western terminus of the Chippewa Moraine segment to an existing non-profit owned camping area.  Project is on hold pending permits.

22.  Annual trip to the Blue Hills segment to assist with trail maintenance.

23.  Major signage updates with installation of several new Segment Signs.

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2022 Trail Maintenance Preview:

Four major projects:

1.  Two DCA sites east of Firth Lake.  Dependent on Permits which have been applied for by Cross Plains.

2.  One DCA site north of 245th.  Dependent on Permit which has been applied for by Cross Plains.

3.  Clearing on viewshed to Dumke Lake and clearing of trail to the east of Dumke Lake 

4.  Complete the spur trail from the western edge of the Chippewa Moraine segment to the noprofit campsite.


Annual Chapter Maintenance, Equipment Inventory

Our inventory is basically the same as last year but for a few added items:

John Deere riding lawnmower

Red Jack

Weed Whip

Third Chain Saw

Fire Rake

*In addition we are expecting Cross Plains to give us a newer DR Mower, a Trilobe trimmer and a smaller Feldman.