At Last! May Has Arrived

Trout Lillies along Chippewa River on IASNT, May 6, 2018

Finally, it is May, and the old proverb, “be careful what you wish for” may apply if you look at the trail opportunities that lie in store this month. Not counted is the hike we already had on May 1 for the Natural Resources Foundation of Wisconsin, and our own Sunday Hike on May 6. We all hope to see you at one of the following opportunities to contribute this month, but even if these are not your thing, know that the trail is in generally good shape and awaiting your visit. Lots of wildflowers are popping up, and whether you fancy bloodroot, hepatica, trout lily, wood anemone, trillium, wood violet, spring beauty, or whatever pops up next, the window for these annual beauties is small.

Image: Trout Lilies along Chippewa River on Ice Age NST, June 6, 2018