Celebrate 60 IATA Years at Summer Potluck & Chapter Meeting, Mon. July 16

Photo: Richard Smith

The Mudbrook Bridge is finished, and we’re having a birthday! It must be time for a party, and we’re having one on Monday, July 16, at the Obey Center near New Auburn. It is our annual July chapter meeting and potluck supper all rolled into one. Come by 6 PM with your dish to pass, your own beverage and utensils, and we’ll enjoy each other’s stories about the Mudbrook project and the summer in general. Afterwards we’ll have a short business meeting.

The brats and hotdogs will be awaiting you along with birthday cake, and to help celebrate the anniversary we’ll have some special door prizes from somewhere along the 60 years of the Ice Age Trail Alliance, including some cool youth T-shirts, hats, and the 60th anniversary stoneware mug. Bring along your own retro item to to show off and help us remember the history of this noble endeavor.

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