Emily Ford - Winter Through-Hiking the Ice Age Trail


Have you heard about Emily Ford?  She is from Duluth, Minnesota.  She is the first woman (and second person) to attempt a winter through-hike of the Ice Age Trail.  She began her journey at the Eastern Terminus on Dec. 28th, and plans to complete the trail at St. Croix Falls in early March.  She is hiking about 20 miles per day, along with an Alaskan sled dog.  She has passed the halfway point and will be coming through our area sometime in February.  She says of her hike:  “2020 was a really rough year for everyone, but especially so for people of color.  I want this trip to be an inspiration.  Anyone can do this.  Everyone can do this.”

There have been postings about her on the  "Ice Age Trail" Facebook page and the “Thousand Miler WannaBes” Facebook page.  These are both great sites to hear about hikers' adventures and discussions of all kinds about hiking the trail.  Check them out.

If you are a snowshoer, consider getting out to snowshoe a piece of a segment before she gets here.  It’s tough going with a heavy pack on to go through the fresh snow.  On a recent snowshoe hike, we found that our normal 30-minute mile became a 45-minute mile due to snow conditions.  We have now gotten another 4-5 inches of snow.  Contact me via chippewamorainechapter@iceagetrail.org to let me know if you can snowshoe a section of trail after this arctic blast is done.  Based on her rate of 20 miles per day, she should arrive in Cornell in about 2 weeks.