Finish The Mudbrook Trail At June 16 Trail Improvement Day

We have a new bridge across Mudbrook Creek. The MSC team has come and gone, but there is some finish work to complete, and we can finish the new trail section at our June 16 Trail Improvement Day. It will be a great way to brush up on your tread construction skills, and if you’ve never done it, it will be a great way to learn a very useful skill. There will be other odds and ends to attend to as well.

Meet at 9 AM at the Obey Interpretive Center and we’ll proceed to our project area from there. We’ll have a tailgate party at the conclusion, but bring your own water, a snack for mid-morning, and the usual bug repellent and work gloves. Long pants and socks are important to keep ticks at bay. Please register by clicking on the yellow bar below.

Register for June 16 Trail Improvement Day