Help IATA Win $5000!

Our members and friends demonstrated that they were as facile online as on foot in 2016 as they voted online and helped the Ice Age Trail win the grand cash prize in the Michelob Ultra challenge. A slimmed-down version of that contest has arrived and everyone can once again vote for IAT as their favorite trail. It’s the Gear Junkie’s “Fastest Known Time” contest. One of nine “Iconic Trails” will win $5000, and all will win something. You can win something, too (a guided hike, a pair of trail shoes). Like the last contest, you can vote early and often - daily if you wish, and even get bonus votes each time you upload a photo taken on the trail. We’re up against stiff competition, but  thanks to your persistence, we did it last time. Vote often between now and May 31.

Look for the link on the first page to share the contest with your facebook and twitter friends.