High Water Advisory at Picnic Lake Bridge

The level at Picnic Lake has continued to rise, covering new parts of the trail in 2018, 2019, and now 2020. Most high water has been bypassed by a trail on higher ground. However, new this spring, the water now covers the approach to the bridge at the south inlet to the lake to a depth of around 6”. The bridge is 0.6 miles west of Hwy E, and 2.8 miles east of Deer Fly Trail. The trail is not closed, if you are willing to get your feet wet! After trail volunteers are free to do trail maintenance, the high water should be bridged, but until then, be advised.

An alternate route is mapped on the linked poster, which doubles the length of the normally 3.4 mile hile to 6.9 miles. It follows two county highways, Hwy E and Hwy M, and Deer Fly Trail. The trail is open from Deer Fly Trail west to 167th St. (Plummer Lake Rd).