How To Make An Ice Age Trail Face Mask With No Sewing!

Nancy and Tony Schuster have discovered the No-Sew Ice Age Trail Face Mask!

Here’s a way to cover your face while out in public while subtly promoting the IANST as a safe and healthy way to keep sane during the emergency. 

At some point in the past you may have picked up an official Ice Age NST bandana. For most of the years, these were made of cotton. Happily, they are the proper size and material for you to make your mask. All you need besides the bandana are two rubber bands or elastic bands. 

After use, you can easily deconstruct and toss it into the washer for reuse, either as a bandana or as a face mask. It’s insanely easy to make if you watch the video online:

You’ll find the above link along with a bunch more here: