IATA Benefits From Your Online Shopping

If you play your cards right, each purchase you make online from selected stores will result in a little bitty contribution to the Ice Age Trail Alliance. And, if you use it to make a large purchase, little bitty becomes not so little!

So here's the deal: You've probably seen stores that give a donation to a local school based on the amount of your purchases. You just have to sign up or somehow tell them who the lucky school is. Now a similar program works for much of your online shopping, and the donation (from the merchant) can go to the Ice Age Trail Alliance.

It's pretty painless. For example, if you want to buy a computer program or whatever at Amazon.com, you'd enter Amazon with a referral code. Then from 0.5 to 1.5% of the sale is donated to IATA. The same idea works with many other online merchants.

Here's how to connect to GoodShop, where you can see how it works and notice the variety of merchants:


The link is also on the home page of our chapter web site.

If there is a merchant you use frequently, such as Amazon, you can go to that site from the GoodShop page and then save the URL as a bookmark so you can go directly there again and bypass the GoodShop page.

With next to no publicity and only a couple of people aware of this, IATA has earned nearly $100 this year. 

It's a little like tossing your loose change in the kitty, except that you still get to keep the change!

If you like this idea, GoodShop has a toolbar you can install on your computer. Then when you want to buy or even to just search, use the toolbar and a few cents drops in the IATA change dish. The toolbar only works on IE for Windows or Firefox for Windows or Mac.