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First Sunday Hike - September 5

IMG 3733

It’s going to be a beautiful day for a hike!  Come and join us for our First Sunday Hike on September 5.   JoAnn Parks and Vicki Christianson will be leading a hike on the Chippewa Moraine Segment.  Come join us for a Hiker’s Choice beginning at the Obey Center.  There are several loop trails starting at the Obey Center to choose from.  Hikers who attend will vote on which trail loop to hike.   Come and enjoy this beautiful piece of trail.  

The Obey Center just re-opened on Saturday, June 26th after its Covid-related closure.  You will have the opportunity to check out their glacial and Chippewa Valley History displays, check out some live critters, and view a glacial video.  The staff is looking forward to seeing you.

Hikers should meet at the Obey Center parking lot on Hwy. M at 1:00 pm.  Wear sturdy walking shoes or hiking boots, long pants, and long sleeve shirt.  Be prepared to tuck your pants legs into your socks.  Bring water and a snack.  Mosquito repellent is recommended.  Wear a mask at the parking area if you have not been vaccinated.  Maintain 6 feet of distance on the hike.    Please send  an RSVP to JoAnn at  

Chapter Meeting: Monday, Sept. 20


Our September Meeting will be a Zoom meeting due to the current situation with the Covid-19 Delta Variant.  The meeting is Monday, September 20th at 6:30 p.m.  If you plan to attend the chapter meeting, please contact Vicki Christianson at and I will send you the link for the meeting.  Hope to see you there. 

September Work Day - Saturday, Sept. 18

Come and join us for our September Trails Workday!  Crews will be working on trail maintenance on the Firth Lake Segment east and west of the 600’ boardwalk at Firth Lake.  Volunteers will meet at the CC parking lot at 8:00am and then shuttle to the Firth Lake parking lot off of 250th Ave.

Please bring water, snacks, work gloves, sunhat, rain coat and pants, cell phone, bug spray, and personal items.  Please wear long pants, long sleeve shirt, and sturdy shoes. Somewhere in our work area expect that there may be wood ticks, poison ivy, ground bees, ants, and sharp thorns. We will be carrying in the tools we need and our backpacks.  We will provide tools such as buckets, loppers, hand saws, and shovels.  Feel free to bring a shovel with you if you like.  We will also have a first aid kit with us.

We plan to stop in Cornell afterwards for lunch.

Future Trail Work Day:  October 16

Remember, you must have a signed Volunteer Agreement to work on trail projects.  Volunteers under the age of 18 need to have a signed Volunteer Agreement with the Parental Consent section filled in and signed by their parent/guardian.  See below for the Volunteer Agreement.

Volunteers Needed for Fall Color Hike on Oct. 2nd

IMG 2127-e1477487643210

We need volunteers to work at our Fall Color Hike on Saturday, October 2nd.  We will need greeters and shuttlers at the Obey Center from 8:30- 11:30.  We will also need donations of cookies and bars for the hikers at our display table.  Shuttlers will drive groups of hikers to a number of starting points, and the hikers will hike back to the Obey Center.   We hope to have a good turnout with the Mammoth 41 event.  If you are willing to help in one of these areas, please contact Vicki Christianson at

Note:  You need to have the Volunteer Agreement to volunteer at this and all events.  If you do not have the volunteer agreement, go to

The Mammoth Challenge is Ba-a-a-k!

Last year’s Mammoth Challenge was such a big success that they are bringing the event back this year.  Over 7,000 hikers signed up for the challenge last year, and over 5,000 hikers completed it!  The Mammoth Challenge this year is to hike 41 miles of the Ice Age Trail during October and visit 3 trail communities.  Registration is now open.  There are two new Trail Communities this year and they will be ready for the Mammoth Hike Challenge:  Antigo and Sturgeon Bay.  Cornell become a Trail Community in January 2020.

Visit   for all the information about the Mammoth Challenge and get registered for this monthlong event.  Be sure to click on each of the FAQs questions.  There is a lot of information hiding in there.  Did you know that families can sign up as a team and pool their miles together!?!?  If you complete the 41 miles, you (or every member of your team) get a certificate.  If you complete 41 miles and visit 3 Trail Communities, you  (or every member of your team) get the certificate and the patch (see image above).

Be ready for Trail Maintenance Season


It is time to get started on trail work and we are looking for volunteers.  If you are interested in helping with the monthly Trail Improvement Days, they are held on the following Saturdays:  April 10, May 15, June 12, August 14, September 18, and October 16.  You need to have a completed Volunteer Agreement for the National Park Service in order to participate in our trail improvement days.  If you filled one out last summer, you are in good standing.  

If you do not have a signed Volunteer Agreement, here is the link: Please fill out the fillable form and email it to

Please read the following documents before signing the agreement:  

• Cover letter from Eric Gabriel NPS:

• IATA Volunteer Risk Assessment Tool:

• Covid19HA:

County Forest Logging Project Coming This Summer

Chippewa County Department of Land Conservation and Forest Management has informed us about their logging harvest plan for the next 10 years.  This project will impact one and a half miles of the Harwood Lakes segment east of Deerfly Trail.  They will be logging by sections in 2021, 2024, 2027, and 2030.  This will include the old Heron Rookery and Kim’s Crossing.  The most impactful project will be the 2021 project which is slated to begin in June 2021.  If you haven’t hiked this segment lately, I suggest that you try to get out there this spring before the logging project begins.  It will alter the look of this segment for many years.  (The map above shows the affected trail.  The west end parking is at Deerfly Trail.  The project covers 1.5 miles of trail and ends at the shared trail with horseback riding.)

Proposed Chapter Events for 2021

 Events are subject to cancellation or modification in form in keeping with then-current pandemic threat conditions.


15 – Chapter Meeting


10 – Spring Trail Cleanup

15-17 – IATA Virtual Annual Meeting (
24 – Chippewa 50
25 – Outdoor Expo


2 – Sunday Hike
5 – NRF Wildflower Hike (Partner Hike)
15 – Trail Improvement Project
17 – Chapter Meeting


5 – Trails Day Hike
13 – Trail Improvement Project
20 – Solstice Hike

19 – Chapter Meeting & Picnic


1 – Sunday Hike
15 – Trail Improvement Project


5 – Sunday Hike
18 – Trail Improvement Project
20 – Chapter Pizza Party


2 – Parade of Colors Hike
16 – Trail Improvement Project


15 – Chapter Annual Meeting
22 – Outdoor Expo
20-28 – Deer Season




Chapter Annual Membership Meeting Reports

Several reports were presented at the annual meeting. Some have been updated as a result of input at the meeting. 


After a successful start with the Snowshoe Hike at the beginning of February, things began to go downhill fast. As a result of Covid, only one chapter activity has been held other than trail maintenance. In July, an extremely successful chapter picnic was held at Millyard Park in Cornell, organized by Nancy and Tony Schuster and highlighted by a contingent of IATA staff and the IATA board president. They came to present the Alliance’s annual Spirit Stick Award to long-time chair and coordinator Richard Smith.

Fortunately, by late spring, we were authorized to begin volunteer work under a new VIP scheme. See the Report of Trail Maintenance and Stewardship Activities for details on the significant activity led by Jerry Sazama and volunteers, working under unique conditions. A tool garage upgrade, detours and bridge repairs, and trail relocations due to flooding kept the crew busy. Volunteers even traveled to Rusk County to assist, and later when our help was sought for trail construction in Irvine Park, volunteers joined that project.

Cornell - Trail Community - 2020 Report

Cornell Trail Community Report  2020

 The Cornell Trail Community Committee met in 2019.  The committee includes Richard Smith IAT, Vicki Christianson IAT, Dave  DeJongh – City Administrator, Mike Rivers – IAT, DNR-retired, Rich Erickson – HS Tech Instructor, and Judy Talbot – Mayor, and Nancy Schuster IAT.   The Ice Age Trail Alliance application was completed and sent to the Alliance.  In January 2020, the application was accepted.  Included in the application was a plan to coordinate with the Cornell School District.  Plans were made for having hikes with the After School students.  The Fourth Grade signed up for Think Outside, an IAT program that aims to get WI 4th graders onto the Ice Age Trail.  An offer was in place for the Cornell HS tech program to build items for the Chippewa Moraine Chapter, such as signage, benches, etc.

 On March 5, we had a meeting with Amy Lord (IATA) to organize our Trail Community Celebration.  Plans were in place to hold the celebration in June during the Cornell Fair.

Trailside Section Maps Available

New trailside section maps have been published for 2020 and will be available in mapboxes along the trail in coming weeks. The new maps are updated using the 2020 trail base map.

You can download and print your own copies here: 

Map 15f - Chippewa Moraine and Harwood Lakes segments - 267th Ave to Co Hwy E

May 16f - Firth Lake and Chippewa River segments - Co Hwy E to Cornell

Record Your Volunteer Time!

If you work on trail-related volunteer projects, it is up to you to record the time you spend. There are many, many reasons why this is important. It is also a bit of a pain. But it doesn’t have to be, if you take a few minutes to get your act together!

For awhile, more of our volunteer activity may be done as individuals working in pairs than in the past. That means more of the responsibility to log your time rests on you! 

Time spent on projects working at home can be counted.

Here’s what to do:

1. Download the Individual Hours Log Form here: 

   Word format

   Excel format

2. Save the form on your computer so you can start a new one every quarter.

3. Print out a copy to keep in your day bag, glove box, or on your desk. Or one for all those places. It’s just for rough notes. (A notebook will do, or even a dedicated page in your favorite Notes app on your smartphone.)

4. Whenever you go out on a project or work on one at home, just grab the nearest form (or your phone) and fill it in.

5. At the end of the quarter, grab the form(s) whereever they are and combine the data on a form right in your computer.