New Trail Route At Firth Lake - Chippewa River Segment Junction

New IAT Route Through Krank Preserve

New IAT Route Through Krank Preserve (PDF of Map)

The junction of the Firth Lake and Chippewa River Segments in Chippewa County has been relocated. The new route no longer uses the section of trail along the Chippewa River as the primary IANST route, and the Hwy CC Ice Age Trail parking lot is no longer directly on the trail.

The new realignment features a direct route through the Krank Nature Preserve so that the route from Firth Lake to Hwy Z is continuous and away from County Highway CC. Part of the old route is now a 1.0-mile connector trail, marked with blue blazes, between the IANST and the Hwy CC parking lot. The new IANST route is marked with yellow blazes and white-on-brown directional signs.

The new 1.3-mile segment replaces the former 2-mile route.


From                                                            To                                                      Distance

Parking Lot                                                Junction with IANST                    1.0 mile

IAT Junction with Connector               County Hwy Z                                  0.9 mile

IAT Junction with Connector               Firth Lake Parking Area               3.6 miles

The former route from the Hwy CC parking area westward has been abandoned and is on private property.

Several side trails intersect with the new trail route.

The connector trail remains a very worthwhile hiking option as part as a day hike or as part of a longer hike toward Hwy Z or northwest toward Firth Lake. The trail can also be accessed from the point the connector crosses Hwy CC, but no parking is available at that crossing.


North end of new trail         178.9

South end of new trail/
Junction with connector