Support The Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program

Governor Tony Evers has included a 10 year reauthorization of the Knowles-Nelson Stewardship Program in his 2021 budget proposal.  This program is a major source of funding for purchase of land for the Ice Age Trail.  The Krank Preserve, which is part of the Chippewa River Segment, was purchased with Knowles-Nelson funds.  You can contact your representatives to support Governor Tony Evers’ proposal by going to  and click on “Take Action”.  There is a form letter that you can send to your representatives.   If you do not know the name of your senator or assemblymember, go to:   On the main page, look for “Who Are My Legislators?”  Enter your address and click “Find Your Legislator” and it will give you their names.  Please take the time to contact your representatives to support this vital program.

Update: The Joint Finance Committee is recommending a 4-year extension (vs 10 year as in the past), and funding at ½ of the prior level. They also propose including some revenue from forestry and other funds to replace some of the bonded money. While this version is likely to pass the legislature, it remains to be seen what action the governor will take with his veto pen.