Trail Maintenance Crew: Busy as Beavers!


Four crews of volunteers went out on the trail on September 21st and installed our new official Trailhead Signage.  The trail signage was routed for us by the Cornell High School Tech students last spring.  New signs are now located at each trailhead for the Chippewa River, Firth Lake, Harwood Lakes, and Chippewa Moraine Segments.    Come hike the trails and take a selfie at the signage.  Thanks to everyone who participated.  Digging 3 foot holes through glacial till with a post hole digger is hard work.

On Tuesday, September 26th, a small crew of volunteers stabilized the beaver dam bridge at the west end of the Firth Lake Segment near 245th Ave.   The center of the bridge was becoming unstable, and they straightened the bridge and installed new posts with H-braces.  Next week they will be adding railings on both sides of the bridge.  Thanks to Bruce for leading the project, and Steve, Norm, Jerry, Dave, Dan, Libby, and Diane for all your hard work in repairing this bridge and the smaller one to the east.