Volunteer Hours Due July 1

Volunteer Hours are turned in each quarter.  If you attend a chapter meeting or work at a monthly trail maintenance day, we keep track of your hours for you on a sign-in sheet.  If you are a regular volunteer for the chapter in any other way, you are tracking your own hours.  These hours are emailed to Libby Stupak

To get the fillable Volunteer Hours form:

• Go to our chapter webpage at: iatchippewa.org. 

• Click on the "Volunteers" drop box and select “Record Your Volunteer Hours!”. 

• Go to Direct Download Links and click on Word Format or Excel Format.  

   • You can print one off to keep track of your hours.  

   • When you are ready to send them in, record on the fillable form and save it.  

• Then send the form to Libby via email.  The third quarter Volunteer Hours should be sent to Libby by July 1.  

(Second Quarter: July 1st) (Third Quarter: October 1st) (Fourth Quarter: January 1st)