November 2007 Trail Dispatch

November Trail Dispatch

Chapter Meeting, Monday, Nov. 19

A trail slide presentation, a piece of pie, and a discussion of what’s next on our plate. All these and more will be featured at the next chapter meeting, this coming Monday, Nov. 19, at 6:30 PM at the Chippewa Falls Public Library. (Note the earlier start time).

By popular request, we’ll preview the IAPTF slide-show which tells in words and pictures the story of the trail and the community that builds, maintains, and supports it (that would be YOU). We’ll be looking for venues to take this story out to the community.

Cal Kraemer, our trail maintainer extraordinaire and winner of last year’s In The Mud award, has chosen to share his celebratory Main St Pie with all who come. Don’t miss the pie and a chance to thank Cal for his hard work. (Got an idea for our 2007 In The Mud award winner? Bring it along!)

It’s time to look at calendars past and future, and decide what our full plate of events will be next year. We’ll review how things went this year and decide what worked and didn’t, and what we want to do next year.