November 2008 Dispatch

Chippewa Moraine Chapter
Ice Age Park & Trail Foundation

Ice Age Trail Dispatch

November 2008

In this edition:
Chapter Meeting – Monday, Nov. 17
Outdoor Expo – Sunday, Nov. 23
Chainsaw Training – Wednesday, Dec. 3

Chapter Meeting - Monday, Nov 17
It’s time for our November chapter meeting at the Chippewa Falls Library. Come at 6 PM and help look back on this past season and plan our calendar for 2008. We will also talk about our chapter’s 2008 budget, select a nominating committee, and plan our January annual meeting.

This time we will meet in the small meeting room in the Library. It’s upstairs on the mezzanine.

Outdoor Expo – Sunday, Nov. 23
Our semi-annual opportunity to tell our story to our neighbors to the west comes on Sunday, Nov. 23, this fall’s edition of the Outdoor Expo in Minneapolis. We send a small contingent on Sunday (our partner chapters to the north and northwest handle Friday and Saturday) to tell our story, as well as enjoy the show ourselves. Telling others about the trail always ratchets up our own enthusiasm.

Would you like to join the team of trail evangelists? There is a spot for you, and the only requirements are enthusiasm for the trail and willingness to share it! It’s an all-day gig, so plan for that. If you’re interested, contact Richard ( or 715 967-2164).

Sawyer Training – Wednesday, Nov. 3
If you’ve attended our meetings or workdays, you may know about the new rules for using a chain saw for trail maintenance. The result is that we have minimized our usage, but from time to time there is no good alternative. One requirement to operate a saw is now attending a training class within the past 3 years. We will have a chance to take the training on Wednesday, Nov. 3 in Black River Falls. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Richard at or before the chapter meeting on Nov. 17. The cost is being covered by the National Park Service.

Remember Monty as the year draws to an end...
As you make your holiday gift list, remember that a membership in the Ice Age Park & Trail Foundation makes a great gift for your hiking friend. You can buy a membership on the foundation web site ( 

Monty himself always appreciates holiday gifts. If you are inclined to support charitable organizations at year’s end, please remember Monty as you go over your list and check it twice. Other than your membership renewal, this is usually the only time each year we ask for your financial help. (Long-time members will remember Monty as the mascot of the IAPTF.)

As Monty Thanks You!
November normally marks the wind-down of our main season of work and enjoyment on the Ice Age Trail. It is also the time we remember to stop and say "Thanks". Your support of the trail is what makes it more than just an idea, but a vital artery. It's not a static "thing", but rather a living ideal, and your small or large contribution makes it vital. Whether you help out at an event or bring a friend along on a hike, whether a financial contributor or a trail maintainer, you are the life blood and breath of the trail. If just one kid is inspired to love the woods, or if one down-in-his-luck person finds solace, it is worth every ounce of effort you've contributed. That's why every one of these newsletters end with the words:

Thanks for all you do for the Ice Age Trail,
Richard Smith
Chippewa Moraine Chapter Chair
The Ice Age Trail
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