July 2009 Ice Age Dispatch

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Ice Age Trail Dispatch

July 2009

In this edition: 

Last Chance to Chill on the Trail!

Trail Closure

Chapter Meeting and Potluck

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Chillin' on The Ice Age Trail 

Join us for this exciting event in beautiful Chequamegon National Forest at Mondeaux Flowage in Taylor County! 

July 31-August 2, 2009

(Main events take place Saturday, August 1st)

This event was created to provide a cool way for Ice Age Trail fans to introduce their friends and families to our own National Scenic Trail (and have a lot of fun doing it!). 

Members, we are depending on you!! Get out and sign up with some "not-yet-members" so we can show them what we already know. We have a true national treasure that people  need to experience. The larger the number of new members the bigger the benefit to our trail!! 

Don't forget it is the official kick off of our own Cold Cache Program(an earth-science program for exploring, discovering and enjoying Ice Age Trail treasures). 

Free camping, free food, free entertainment!

 What more do your need??  There are guided, or unguided hikes, raffle give-aways, geological walks and talks  by Forest Service personnel and all in a beautiful location.

You do need to register for this event so we can meet your camping and dietary needs. We would greatly appreciate you signing up as a participant even if you will not be camping with us. 

Registration Open until July 17, 2009

You can go to www.iceagetrail.org and follow the link under "News" or go to any calendar for July/August(www.iceagetrail.org/monthlycalendar.htm) and use the Survey Monkey link. 

Cold Cache Program information is also available on the web site.

Raffle and other donations are still being accepted.  They can be delivered to the Cross Plains headquarters(2110 Main Street, Cross Plains, WI 53528) in care of Chillin’ on the Trail, or you can contact one of the Chillin’ team members.  Please make donations by July 22, 2009.

Team members: Leah Bradley(haelyeldarb4@bluefrog.com), Theresa Werner(twbadger@yahoo.com), Dolly Mc Nulty(mcdolly@lakefield.net), Barb Voigt(barbvoigt@hotmail.com, Luke Kloberdanz(lkloberdanz@gmail.com), Randy Myren(randy@iceagetrail.org), Dave Caliebe(bbbaffoon@hotmail.com), Jane Wester(jane.wester@yahoo.com) and Buzz Meyer(gmeyer@charter.net)

Thank you for your support!

The Chillsters.

Things to bring:

Camping gear, Hiking boots, camera, beverages, snacks, swim suit, towel, kayaks/canoes(also rentable), bug spray, sun screen, personal care items and as many nonmembers as you can muster.

Directions to Mondeaux Dam Recreation area:

For most of the state: travel State Hwy 29 to Curtiss (between Wausau and Eau Claire) and take CTH E north; to CTH M; follow IAT signs.

From the west on US Hwy 8 take State Hwy 73 south; to CTH D east; to CTH E south; follow IAT signs.

From the east on US Hwy 8 take State Hwy 13 south; to CTH D west; to CTH E south; follow IAT signs.

From the east on US Hwy 64 go west of Medford to CTH E north; to CTH M; follow IAT signs.

Watch for and follow Yellow “ Ice Age Trail Event” signs. 

Trail Closure: County Hwy E to 245th Ave

Due to logging along the trail, the private landowner has requested that the trail be closed in this area. The detour route is as follows:

Eastbound: Continue walking south on County Hwy E to 245th Ave. The distance from the trailhead on Hwy E (near Camp Nawakwa) to 245th Ave is about 3/4 mile. Then proceed east on 245th Ave until the trail resumes, about 1.5 mile.

Westbound: Follow 245th Ave (gravel rd) westbound about 1.5 miles to County Hwy E. Turn right and walk (facing traffic) on Hwy E about 3/4 mile to the westbound trailhead sign near Camp Nawakwa.

See Map 16f in the Ice Age Trail Atlas, or page 254 in the 2008 Chippewa County Plat Book.

Chapter Meeting & Potluck - Monday July 20 at Chippewa Moraine Visitor Center

Enjoy a delightful evening of potluck delights and conversation with trail friends at the annual summer potluck and chapter meeting on Monday, July 20 at the Chippewa Moraine Visitor Center. Nothing can be finer than looking out over South Shattuck Lake and the fields of prairie flowers while enjoying supper with friends and catching up on the summer's adventures. The agenda is always light at this meeting; the emphasis is on enjoying the friends and the setting.

Where To Find Information

Here's where to look for IAT and IATA information:

IATA Information in General: www.iceagetrail.org

Chippewa Moraine Chapter Information: www.iatchippewa.org AND www.iceagetrail.org/ChippewaMoraine/index.htm

Calendar of Chapter and Foundation Events: www.iceagetrail.org/ChippewaMoraine/calendar.htm

Hiking the trail: www.iceagetrail.org (check the options under the "Hike the IAT" tab)

National Park Service Information about the Ice Age Trail: www.nps.gov/iatr/index.htm

July Ice Age Trail Dispatch - Update

Chapter Meeting & Potluck

The starting time for the potluck on Monday, July 20, is 6 PM.

Chillin' on the Trail 

Note the registration deadline is this Friday, July 17. Some have asked who is planning to attend from our area so they can coordinate transportation and other arrangements. If you're planning on attending, please send an email to chapter@iatchippewa.org.

If you haven't given it much thought, the event is on July 31 - August 2. The whole event is free, including camping and food! The idea is to introduce a wide variety of activities that can be enjoyed on the trail. It's intended for a member to bring a friend who is not a member. Even if you hope to attend for just Saturday, you need to register so the food is available. This event was completely organized by a group of volunteers from multiple chapters, including Chippewa Moraine member Dave Caliebe.

Join "through-hiker" Chet Anderson as he passes through Chippewa County

Chet Anderson is coming to our area soon! He was last sighted near Medford, walking about 20 miles a day. He'd enjoy your company as he hikes through our area. If you're interested, send him an email with your phone number and he'll give you a call! His email is: caa54024@yahoo.com. Chet is an Indianhead Chapter member who is heading for the finish line!

Interested in meeting enthusiastic hikers from other areas?

We receive occasional requests from hikers from other areas desiring shuttles to help them out with their hike. Everyone who has helped with this has enjoyed meeting the hikers and adding some color and information about our area. If you are interested in helping with this, please let us know!

Two Newsletters?

If you received multiple copies of our last newsletter, please bear with us while we work through a few issues with our mail system.