Harwood/Nawakwa MSC Extra!

Ice Age Trail Harwood/Nawakwa MSC EXTRA!

September 2013

Trail Building Week Has Arrived!

We've planned for weeks, we've been working for weeks on the ground getting ready. This Wednesday, it all begins for real! 

If you can spare a day, a half day, or 5 days, come and help make our newest segment a reality. 

There are so many ways to help, from digging, to carrying, to driving, to cooking, to registering. If you have the time (or even if you don't have much), there's a way for you to help, regardless of your skill or stamina! Read on, for some of the many opportunities. Our chapter needs to pull in all our helpers to get the support work done and make everything run smoothly, so look for something you can help with, let us know, and we'll fit you in to the fun!

Important: If you plan to come and wish to eat at the project, be sure and register online as well. If you only register there, we won't know to plug you into one of these special jobs, though, so be sure and let us know what opportunity and what time slot you are volunteering for. Call 715-967-2164.

We've also scheduled evening entertainment for all to enjoy, so come and join the campfire program, whether you can work that day or not!

Special: Drivers Needed

A new opportunity has opened up for drivers to help shuttle hikers from their cars to the work assignment site. It's a bit of a tangle to get there, and we don't want to lose any daily volunteers in the process! If you can't work, but CAN drive, then this is the opportunity you've been waiting for. The prime shift is mornings, Wednesday through Sunday, from 7:30 AM to 11, but we can work something out if you are willing! Call 715-967-2164 for more info and to schedule a time.

Think of it as practice for the Parade of Colors!

Practice Trail-building Skills - Right In The Kitchen!

Many of our members and volunteers are probably baking this minute, turning out the mountain of cookies that we're providing to fuel the army. Our hat's off to all of you!

But WAIT! There's MORE! If you missed the cookie window, or just want to come out and help in the kitchen (it takes several sets of hands to feed an army), there are still slots available for you to help in the kitchen. If this interests you, please call 715-967-2164 to let us know when you can help. We can use help early in the morning with breakfast and making lunches, and especially later in the afternoon preparing and serving dinner. One thing unusual: we'll be working in an indoor camp kitchen, with all the fittings.

Greetings, Greetings!

There are still slots for volunteers who wish to assist with registering arrivals and pointing them in the right direction. The work is done outside, but under cover, right in front of the dining hall. We need to fill slots each morning and early afternoon throughout the project. Time slots are 7:30 AM to 11 AM, and 11 AM to 2:30 PM. As there may be periods of low activity, bringing along something to read is a good idea. If you can spare one or more time slots, please call us: 715-967-2164. If you leave a message, please leave your mobile phone number as well. 

Campfire Entertainment!

We've arranged entertainment and programs on Thursday-Saturday evenings at the campfire right after dinner (around 7 PM). Chapter members are all encouraged to attend and participate. Here's the lineup:

Thursday, Sept. 12 - Time-travel to the time of the Voyageurs! The northwoods was once home to the voyageurs, the legendary traders who combed the northland to trade goods for beaver pelts with the indigenous peoples. A voyageur stops by to introduce us to his world and his lifestyle.

Friday, Sept. 13 - Honoring the Girl Scouts, Private Landowner Partners, and Public Partners. We'll honor the legacy of the Girl Scouts in bringing kids outdoors at this place for decades and their partnership with the IATA to continue that goal for years to come. We'll recognize the private landowners who've made the trail a reality since its inception. And we'll honor Chippewa County's role in hosting trail segments (including their part in creating this one). In addition, IATA's Kevin Thusius will explain how we work with private landowners to create a permanent Ice Age Trail route.

Saturday, Sept. 14 - Celebrate the new section of trail, all our work, and new friendships with a special musical guest: Billy Krause. Billy played at the first MSC trailbuilding project in Chippewa County in September, 2004. How far we've all come! Billy is a well-known performer in the Chippewa Valley and beyond. In addition to his own recordings and performances, he also performs with Michael Perry and the Longbeds, Michael's musical incarnation. He's performed in several independent films, and for Chippewa Valley folks, he's the voice on Dave Carlson's Northland Adventures theme song. 

Constructing Trail Amenities with Natural Materials

We've learned that one of the projects planned is constructing trail amenities (benches, for ex) out of natural materials. If you like woodworking in the field, but are bored with green-treated wood, then here's a chance to work with natural materials found on-site. If you are interested, let Tim Malzhan know about your interest.  

General Information

The project is at Camp Nawakwa, on Hwy E, east of Cornell. Camp Nawakwa is the Girl Scout Camp for the Chippewa Valley. Free food and camping is provided to all volunteer workers. Trail builders work from 8 to 5, Wednesday - Saturday, and 8 to Noon on Sunday. Learn more.

Spend a day or more working on actually building the trail. Gentle guides will teach you everything you need to know, and you'll enjoy working alongside your fellow team members who will come from all over the state to make this happen. Just show up, or better yet (and we really do appreciate it) register online in advance: http://mobileskills.iceagetrail.org/harwood-lakes-segment

*Note that volunteers under 18 need parent or guardian consent on a form available online at http://mobileskills.iceagetrail.org/harwood-lakes-segment by going to the registration form and following the instructions.

See you on the trail at Camp Nawakwa!

Newsletters and information are also available at the chapter web site: http://www.iatchippewa.org