Volunteer Agreement Form

All volunteers are required to fill in and sign a Volunteer Agreement form. This give both us and the National Park Service the information they need in case of an emergency, and makes sure any medical needs that arise from the volunteer activities are covered. 

Please download the form, print it out, complete the form, and sign it. Certain sections of the form apply only to minors, and the parent or guardian must sign. Unless instructed otherwise, bring the form with you to your first volunteer activity. Forms can be completed on the computer before printing and signing. Forms are in .docx (Word) format.

Note (eff. May, 2020): ALL VOLUNTEERS, regardless of past volunteer status, must download, fill out, sign, and return the NEW 301a form (3 sides). Please read all the accompanying materials. When you have received your signed form back from the National Park Service, you are once again welcome to volunteer as before. 

Please read through the attached documents:  

  1. A Cover Letter from Eric Gabriel, Superintendent [PDF]
  2. IATR-VIP Risk Assessment Tool [PDF]
  3. Covid19Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) [PDF]

Download Form 301a - For individual volunteers, adult or minors. Please send the form and your questions about it to daniel_watson@nps.gov.

The Form 301a refers to job descriptions and job hazard analyses for various tasks. The most commonly used tools by volunteers include hand saws, loppers, shovels, pick mattocks, and mcleods. Chainsaws are used by volunteers, but only after additional training and certification. Carpentry tools are used in maintaining or constructing structures, and they consist of saws, hammers, and power drivers. Support volunteers use food preparation tools and are also made aware of food safety expectations. Trail projects generally begin with a review of tools and tool safety, and volunteers should make sure to ask the leader about use of tools they are not familiar with. 

Take a look at the National Park Service page which describes the range of tasks and equipment used in all the various types of trail work, as well as a wealth of information on trail safety, including a Volunteer Safety Handbook.