Ice Age Trail: A Walk Through Time

Parade of Colors Fall Hike - Saturday Oct. 3


Imagine getting out onto the trail on a gorgeous fall day, cool and ideal for hiking, and with fall colors popping out all over. That’s what you can expect at the Parade of Colors, Fall Hike on the Ice Age Trail, our annual celebration of the trail. It is always a great time for our many returning hikers, but is also the perfect opportunity for first-time Ice Age Trail hikers.

Arrive anytime between 9 and 11 AM on Saturday, Oct. 3, at the Obey Interpretive Center at the Chippewa Moraine. This is not a large group hike, so you can start any time during this period. The Obey Center is located at 13394 County Highway M, New Auburn. It’s 7 miles east of New Auburn and 1.9 miles east of State Highway 40. 

We make it special by hand-designing a hike tailored just to your interests. Whether it’s the two mile giant ground sloth hike, the 4 mile saber-toothed cat hike, or the 6 mile mammoth hike, we have a route for whatever level of challenge you want to tackle. Then we’ll transport you to the starting point so you can hike back with your old or new friends at just your pace and return to the Interpretive Center at hike’s end. There, a refreshing snack will await, along with an opportunity to enjoy other activities or exhibits at the center, or even more hiking if you prefer. It’s a great event for families and kids as well.

Be sure to read the box to the right for a special opportunity to help support the Ice Age Trail! 


"Walk With Me, and I'll Take You Back Ten Thousand Years"

Imagine immersing yourself in a lake-studded wilderness, following a well-marked trail through a still, forested landscape. The tree canopy glows with sunlight, the sky-blue lakes sparkle with diamonds, the winding ridges offer quiet "rooms" to visit one-by-one, and all around the birds and other critters busy themselves.

A timely bench offers a respite from the rather steep climb, and gives you time to reflect.

You are on the Ice Age National Scenic Trail.

Twenty one miles of wilderness trail passes through Chippewa County.

Enjoy your hike.

The Ice Age Trail

Wisconsin map showing Ice Age Trail route and Ice Age Trail Emblem

A Walk Through Time

You Wonder, How did this beautiful trail get here. Who cares for it?

The Ice Age Trail is the result of countless hours of planning, designing, building, maintaining, and supporting by people just like you working over nearly the past half century. Organized as the Ice Age Trail Alliance, they work through local volunteer "chapters". In Chippewa County, the Chippewa Moraine Chapter was organized in the early 1970's as the trail was beginning to be built.

Explore our Chippewa Moraine Chapter website to learn more about the Ice Age Trail and the many volunteers who build, maintain, and support the trail in Chippewa County. Follow the tabs along the top of the page to start, or start by clicking here to see what's new.

The Ice Age Trail

A walk through time